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6 Feb 2021

Perfect Example of Why History ALWAYS Repeats Itself...          **Official Response to the Misguided Ramblings Captured Below**


The “cautionary message” featured in the image, comes from a man who was a Police Officer for many years.  I met this man.  I engaged in healthy conversation with him.  I shook his hand.  Days later, he was featured in a podcast with The Angry that podcast, he referred to millions of men and women around the globe, including myself and the wonderful individuals I work with, as - Domestic Terrorists.  

THIS is my response to his misguided, dishonourable ramblings...

TO ALL CANADIANS: you all have inalienable rights that many men and women have fought and died to protect.  You deserve to live in a society where those rights are recognized and preserved - not violated and disregarded.  

Please be very wary of any group, organization, or individual who suggests that the very same corrupted system that got us here, is somehow also going to be the system that “saves us”. 

Remember the RCMP’s response to the long list of Ethics violations, incidents of bribery, and wildly obvious criminal activities of our Prime Minister?  No “timeshare sales pitch”, regardless of how “slick and enticing” he may be able to make it sound, should be able to con you into believing that our legal system or law enforcement structure here in Canada, is in any way shape or form “for the people”. 

It may seem as though the intentions of these groups or individuals are honourable, and that they have your best interests in mind..but their aim is to keep you convinced that the power and authority that we have surrendered to this system up until this point, is meant to be unconditional, and that this corrupted system is a necessity that we could not function without. 

There are many people that want to help you maintain your standing as a free man or woman, and there are many people who want to put an end to the abuses of power that have destroyed so many lives over the last 12 months...but I caution you not to be fooled into believing that someone who spent years and years following the direct orders of those power abusers, is now one of the people that wants to help you. 

The corrupt parameters of our current system, and the corrupt institutions controlled by the system, have allowed and enforced the many assaults on our freedoms and liberties...there will be absolutely nothing to stop them from doing this again. And again. And again. 

I urge you to be wary of anyone that openly supports allowing this system to remain intact.  I urge you to be wary of anyone who claims that common law is built upon the belief that “no laws apply to us”.  Anyone that is so grossly misinformed, obviously knows nothing factual about the history or the application of common law. 

Ask yourselves if you think it’s fair, for someone to encourage you to believe, that a desire to live and prosper in a world not governed by self-serving corruption, should be thought of as a threat, similar to that of domestic terrorism...

Ask yourselves what would motivate an individual to harbour those beliefs...

29 Jan 2021

Paying You to Get Vaccinated?!

Headlines discussing financial incentives that may accompany your decision to take the new covid vaccine have become abundant. It’s scary. 

I’m not here to preach to you about your health choices. You do you. I do me. But please, please DO YOUR OWN ACTUAL RESEARCH before you accept that injection into your body...and make sure you keep it all in perspective as far as the financial incentives go...

So...if your employer says they’re going to pay you to get the covid vax, you do realize don’t you, that it’s not actually going to be THEM paying’s going to be from another “stimulus package” from the government...and just in case you’re that special kinda stupid - ANY MONEY THAT “COMES FROM THE GOVERNMENT” IS ACTUALLY MONEY COMING FROM US!  

The government doesn’t have f*cking money trees in the back yard...ANYTHING that is covered by “federal funding” is paid for by you and I via our tax dollars or our bullshit carbon tax or the retirement funds they’re draining, or the money they plan to steal from you when you sell your home, or the money in your savings account that Chrystia Freeland is planning to scam you out of, or....
26 Jan 2021

Excuses, Excuses...

The CRA has a searchable list of all the companies that received assistance from the wage subsidy program that was launched in the wake of the covid scamdemic. 

You can explore that list HERE

I realize that there are a lot of great people/great employers that have been hit with wildly unjust hard times as a result of these unlawful restrictions and lockdowns...but I also know that there are employers out there that seized the opportunity to blame covid for their own financial mismanagement, even though it was a very real problem long before the chaos of 2020 turned things upside down...

I know this because I worked for one such employer. 

The max payout per week - per employee - through the wage subsidy program is $847.  So that basically means that the wage subsidy covers the straight-across cost of paying an employee $21/hr for 40 hrs a week. 

8hrs/day X 5 days/week = 40hrs/week

$847 divided by 40 = 21.175

So if your wage was $28/hr, after receiving the wage subsidy, your employer would only be paying you $7/hr out of his own pocket. 

I get it. These are tough times for just about everybody..But if you work for a multi-million dollar company, that had been pushed to a place of near financial ruin PRIOR to the covid nonsense (and your employer is on this list) they have no business trying to justify imposing a hefty pay cut on you under the guise of ‘covid hard times’...

If someone who’s annual personal profit is likely triple that of YOUR yearly salary, is sending YOUR family into poverty, and is trying to tell you, “these are uncertain times, these wage cuts are necessary, everyone is feeling the effects...”, and all the while 75% of your hourly wage is being paid for through this wage subsidy - you need to recognize that you’re being bent over. 

26 Jan 2021

Where We Belong

I’ve started to realize, how much energy I’ve wasted trying to “wake people up”. Too much. Way, way too much. 

The truth of the matter is, all who are not yet awake are (and will forever be) little more than an unnecessary liability. 

Moving towards real change is so exciting and rewarding, but it also requires real commitment and real work. The incredible people that I’ve connected with have made immeasurable sacrifices, and have accomplished amazing things...and I will fight tooth and nail to preserve and protect those accomplishments. 

Human tendencies can be unpredictable to say the least, but a quick review of our history will tell us one thing is a basic certainty...there will always be those that yearn to rule others. Period. 

Those that do not yearn to rule others, fall into one of two groups; those that WILL be ruled, and those that will NOT be...

Hopping on the “all men and women are free” train at the last minute, for fear of what not doing so might mean for you, is not the same thing as putting in real time, and real work to create a brighter future.

If your level of consciousness landed you in the ‘WILL be ruled’ category, then that is exactly where you’ll be when history repeats itself again - as it always does - and you will never stop being a direct threat to the freedoms of all who landed in the ‘will NOT be ruled’ category. 

So sleep well, as you are exactly where you’re meant to be...
25 Jan 2021

Who Do You Trust..?

If you have a close friend or family member that’s been desperately trying to convince you to stop believing the mainstream narrative - this is for you...

This is how it feels to have someone you love dismiss your words as if they’re nothing:

So you’re telling me, that you have more faith and confidence in what the government, and the health officials say, than you have in what I say?

You’re saying that these complete strangers - that know nothing about you - don’t know who you are, don’t know how many people love you, or need you, they don’t even know your’re saying THESE people have your best interests at heart, more than I do?

You truly believe, that someone you (likely) have never met, someone that has never cried on your shoulder, someone that’s never been there for you during your worst moments, someone that has no idea how special and amazing you believe THAT person feels a greater sense of duty to protect you and keep you safe than I do?

How would Jason Kenney’s life change if you died tomorrow? How would Trudeau’s life change? Or Tam’s? Hinshaw’s? NONE of these people even know you’re here, so they won’t even notice when you’re gone...

What have YOU ever done for THEM, that would make you believe they would be willing to sacrifice anything for YOU?!

You think that the people in the media (who also have no idea that you even exist) feel more of a sense of urgency to ensure that YOU hear the TRUTH, than they do to ensure their ratings stay high and their sponsors stay happy? You think they feel more of a personal responsibility to be honest with YOU than I do?

Have THESE people EVER been by your side through anything before? Have they answered your call at 2 in the morning when you were in trouble and needed help? Have they called you at 2 in the morning for help, because they knew they could always count on you to be there for them? Have they ever stopped by for a visit - just because they wanted to see your face, or picked up the phone just because they wanted to hear your voice?

Why do THESE people deserve your attention, your confidence, your trust - more than I do?  

How can you believe that your life, and all the beauty that you bring to this world, could be more precious and valuable to THEM - than it is to me..?
24 Jan 2021

Hypocrisy is the OPPOSITE of logic...

It’s very possible that you’re convinced vaccines are necessary...So, it’s quite likely that you’re also convinced that the percentage of people that experience negative effects, the number of kids that end up with Autism, or the number of people that end up losing their lives all together after being vaccinated, is a small enough percentage that they’re still considered necessary - for the greater good of the rest of the population - correct?

So, in order for the vast majority of the world to live their lives without having to worry about Polio, a few hundred thousand people ending up with paralysis - is just the price we have to pay.

The fact that an average of 1 in 54 children end up with Autism is ok - because it’s helping keep all the other kids safe from measles. 

The fact that Guillain Barré (paralysis syndrome) cases doubled in just the province of Quebec alone due to the swine flu vaccine - is acceptable because it’s preventing future outbreaks. 

It’s totally fine that - on an annual basis - a certain percentage of people from all over the world, either die or have their lives turned upside down, for the sake of other people’s health and well being...

And yet...somehow you’re more than willing to believe that imposing insane rules and restrictions on the ENTIRE world seems like a reasonable response to the number of deaths in 2020? The number of overall deaths that was literally nearly identical - if not even lower - than the overall deaths of 2019, 2018, 2017...

Even IF you are STILL convinced that there is in-fact, a “novel virus”, and therefore, a legitimate “pandemic” occurring, the unanimous consensus is that the elderly, or those with multiple pre-existing conditions are the only ones that actually die “from” it.  

Before you even think about deciding that I’m just cold, and heartless - because all deaths are tragic no matter their age - consider this..

Only 9% of the global population is age 65 or older. (2019 stats)

Kids (14 and under) make up 27% of the global population. 

So even if we say just 25% of the 7.6 billion population, that’s right around 1.9 billion. So nearly 2 billion kids, and 1 out of every 54 is Autistic. 

So we’re fine with essentially hijacking the futures of more than 35 MILLION kids - “for the greater good” - but when people are simply opening their businesses, or exercising their basic human right to BREATHE by not wearing a bacteria breeding mask, you’ll call that selfish and unlawful?! All because the government and the mainstream media have you convinced that there’s a “threat”, that has shown to be no more likely to kill you than the common flu - unless you’re among the less than 10% of the global population that’s over the age of 65..?!..

You don’t bat an eye when Bill Gates and his  “precious vaccines” royally f*ck up 10’s of millions of kids - who have their whole lives ahead of them - “for the greater good”. 

But then you support imposing never-before-seen restrictions and regulations on EVERYONE, ultimately to protect the 9% of the population that’s already lived out 65 or more years of their lives...

And “so what?” if it means the other 91% of the population experiences drastic losses and set backs that they may never recover from..because “how dare we” expect anyone to put their health and well-being in jeopardy for the greater good of the vast majority of the rest of the population...oh but...wait a second...

This is literally the “logic” that this whole scenario is running on...WAKE UP PEOPLE. Bottom line, if you support the idea that vaccines are necessary - in spite of the damage they do to so many people/kids - then you have zero leg to stand on calling anyone selfish for exercising their right to earn a living. And you for damn sure don’t have a leg to stand on calling me selfish - for not muzzling myself with one of your virtuous face diapers.
23 Jan 2021

What Has Been Learned..?

Setting the specifics of the hot button subject of “covid” aside for a moment, I have a question...

Have people REALLY not learned anything new about the reality of our systems through the shit show that was 2020..?

Have we ACTUALLY not gained any insight into what’s REALLY driving our “inequality” and “unrest”..?

If you’ve got a spiel all worked out in your head, that serves as your basis for claiming that one of our governmental parties is better equipped than the others to serve the people of this country - you still have absolutely no idea what’s going on. 

If you still actively engage in the traditional ‘pissing-match-style’ debates about which political parties in Canada have imposed the most damaging policies - you still have absolutely no idea what’s going on. 

If you harbour any real belief that Canada’s “pandemic” response would’ve yielded a different overall outcome, if someone other than Justin Trudeau was our PM - you still have absolutely no idea what’s going on...
22 Jan 2021

Personal Responsibility

Over the last year, I’ve become deeply disappointed - downright disgusted actually - at the number of people among us that are knowingly perpetuating the lies, rather than speaking out about the truth. 

Mainly, the doctors and nurses that see/have seen - first hand - the enormous gap between what’s being reported, and what the reality of our situation actually is...

But the more I think about it, the more I realize...the detrimental apathy of the general public, is NOT their responsibility to mediate.  

I’m NOT talking about the despicable individuals that KNEW their actions would result in harm to their patients, KNEW they didn’t need to be on a vent, KNEW it would likely kill them, but did it anyway for the $$$ the hospitals were being decisions like that are unforgivable and I hope the lives of those monsters are filled with agony and turmoil until they die. 

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning the decision for ANYONE to turn a blind eye to blatant lies and corruption. But I also know, that it may be tempting to hold the medical community to a slightly higher moral standard..I mean after all, they’re supposed to have sworn an oath to do no harm...

But at the end of the day, they are simply human. And as humans, they have the same instinctual tendency to assess most things in a ‘risk vs. reward’ format. Every individual has a slightly different situation, but generally speaking, the ‘risk’ in this scenario, is pretty much everything. 

Everything they’ve ever worked for. Every day of the long years spent in school. Every shred of security and stability that they’ve always wanted to provide for themselves and their loved ones..Again, make no mistake, I DO NOT and CANNOT respect their choice to remain silent...but at this point, I can’t really say I blame them either. 

After basically 12 months of asinine policy changes, wild contradictions, convenient “coincidences”, blatantly obvious red flags, huge discrepancies, and what has essentially amounted to a literal monsoon of hard evidence that NOTHING about the govt endorsed narrative is true...there are still many people that cannot - or will not - acknowledge what’s right in front of them. 

The blame for the ignorance of those people, does NOT fall on the shoulders of anyone but THOSE people.  

Would YOU risk EVERYTHING to share the TRUTH with a world that has literally had the truth right in front of their faces for the better part of a year, but has made continuing conscious efforts to deny it and ignore it?!  

I saw a great post the other day that made me really stop and think about this...It didn’t say it exactly like this, but this is my interpretation..
“If one person tells you it’s pouring rain outside, and another tells you it’s dry, if you go outside in the wrong attire, it’s not the fault of the person who misled you about the weather. It’s YOUR fault for not looking out the f*cking window to see it for yourself”.
21 Jan 2021

What’s New with Canada’s Gun Ban?

**Yes, I know - this article is from November.**

This article discusses “evergreen bans”. This essentially means that the specifics of the gun ban in general, can be expected to be forever changing, but those changes can happen..whenever they want them to. No notice. No vote. No discussion. So a gun that was perfectly legal yesterday, could actually be illegal today. Just like that. 

This article also implies that this is an ‘alarming NEW development’, and as such, this ‘gun-ban’ is now even worse than it originally seemed. 

But guess what? This isn’t a new development. The initial publication of the amendments to our firearm regulations - absolutely informed us of this reality back in the Spring. I don’t believe they used the specific term, “evergreen ban”, but it was wholly acknowledged in that document, that the government had gone ahead and decided it was best to leave something like this open-ended, so they could “adjust” the rules to this game as they saw fit along the way. 

And that’s not the worst part. It would have been bad enough if they had simply droned on with the standard disingenuous excuses like, 
“...a noticeable uptick in crimes being committed using a specific make or model of legal firearm may warrant a change in classification of that make or model, to illegal...”
- but there was none of that to be found. 

Instead, they told us this,
‘...assumably, the need to offset the financial losses of the gun sellers, combined with the now limited inventory that will be legally available to the gun buyers, it won’t take long for it to be apparent which make/model is the new “popular choice”, and at that time, we may need to consider adding that make/model to the prohibited list...’

Obviously I’m paraphrasing, but their intent was perfectly clear. As soon as sales of any one firearm reached a certain height, they reserved the “authority” to ban that firearm. It seems that too many Canadians having the means to protect and defend themselves could be problematic for the puppets and their puppet-masters. 

If you think this description is inaccurate...then you haven’t read the documents. 

If you were genuinely shocked and appalled by this “new development” in November, when this article was published - the only person you should be blaming for that is you.

It was all right there in the documents provided to us back in the Spring...
20 Jan 2021

VIDEO: Do public health orders apply to governments?

Watch the video below to hear first hand why government officials have been allowed to carry on with planned vacations etc, despite public health orders...
20 Jan 2021