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About Me

Who I am...

i am known as charmaine of the nelson family. i was raised on the farm, and my upbringing was fairly old-fashioned.  From my first memories as a child, i can clearly recall the 3 core values that were deeply embedded in the beliefs of my family;

1. Never look anyone in the eye and lie to them - if you have even a shred of respect for them

2. Anything worth doing, should be done with care and attention, and always with 110% of your best efforts

3. Be accountable. Always shoulder the personal responsibility of your choices and actions. 

These are the 3 things that guide me through my every day in this crazy world. 

What i do;

- avid researcher

- passionate writer

- focusing on striving for a better future through dedicated exercising of my inalienable rights as a living woman